TearDown Recommendation Questions !! CVHF (1200 tonner)

I have seen in some books where it states that you should do a teardown inspection every 30,000 hours

If Im correct with my math then we are looking at exactly 3.43 years assuming that the thing never stops running due to the application of the chiller.

Some state 5-10 years and this needs done. I would assume on a standard HVAC application.

If this is correct. Just how in depth do they recommend going for the teardown. Complete ? Just visual and tolerance checks? Plus new gaskets and seals during reinstallation ?
Im assuming a full removal of components, new oil, ....... the whole 9 yards !!

Would there be any bearings / particular items that you would change reguardless. Any reason to balance the impeller ?

I would obviously do an EDDY at that time.
Just trying to see what everyone out there in TRANEVILLE have to say.