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    Hi everyone,

    I have a ceiling mounted 20" LCD TV right next to the HVAC outlet in my new office. I have two HVAC units in this office (1200 sq ft). The smaller unit has two outlets one of them adjacent to the LCD TV and the air from it blows directly to the back of TV. How hot is the hot air coming out of HVAC? Is it much hotter than the remperature the room is set to? Do I need to be concerned with the TV being affected? Thank you for your input.

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    I lost a 32" Philips Plasma set after one year of usage. $3,300.00 down the drain. I believe this was partially due to the fact that electronic components inside the set overheated because it was too close to the wall and it just couldn't breath right. I replaced the Plasma unit with a 32" El Cheapo LCD and the new power supply that came with the set had it own little fan to dissipate the any heat buildup. This is something the Plasma set didn't have. I've had the LCD set for two years and I have not had one problem with it. It will probably blow up tonight, knock on wood. LOL

    I believe that if you have hot air blowing onto your LCD TV it can't be a good thing for the electronics inside the set. Try to redirect the airflow from the grill away from the set in the winter and that should prolong its life.

    Remember they surely don't build these new sets to last and they are not repairable. We live in a throw away society and that's what keeps the economy going.

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    Thank you.

    Thank you for the reply.

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