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Thread: more shame! :(

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    more shame! :(

    a recent customer who has been in the home a few years with a home warranty and was having a few issues with performance so called us because their home warranty told them they couldn't find anything wrong that FALLS UNDER WARRNATY CONTRACT!

    I get there and talk to customer go in attic and find

    1. a orange load tie down strap wrapped around horizontal fan coil near the coil end , after looking close i smal a small area where rust was rotting out bottom near drain

    2. an emergency drain pan that was round too small and just centered under the front side of unit on top of bricks piled high!

    3. also evidence of constant leak from broken pan drain threads

    So i tell her this 1998 fan coil needs to be replaced and has been hacked to death..she tells me she never was informed of any of this mess but was already so irritated with home warranty to the point she was talking to lawyer about it and they gave her my number and told them to get an inspection..
    ha for good reason..

    she actually decided to use us asap to replace indoor fan coil(outdoor section was only 5 yrs old Trane HP in great shape so we left it)

    so i scheduled job and installed it and WOW it was worse then initial FREE inspection one doors were removed we found a completely broke off drain line where it was screwed into threads, a piece of plumber starp holding coil up to keep air from going around as original screw/plastic pan clip was broke, not a good job though as there were still air gaps that could bypass coil, and one we removed straps and hackness the coil fell out and bottomName:  IMAG0027.jpg
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Size:  34.0 KBName:  IMAG0028.jpg
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Size:  24.9 KBName:  IMAG0030.jpg
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Size:  44.7 KB of cabinet was so rusted i was able to put my foot right through it!

    seriously even if this was pre existing and recent techs didnt do it why not inform the customer of issues.. ridiculous!

    some pics to follow

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    I'll tell you why because they worked for warranty company and they knew that only the work that needed to be done now to get unit running would be paid for by said warranty. They figure why open a can of worms and prolong payment of which they will receive only a fraction of.

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    Ratchet strap?! That's a new one for me! Just when you thought you have seen everything......

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    my poor eyes

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    I think an $8/hr handyman could have fixed it up better than this...


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