I stumbled across this site in my search for help with my Munchkin boiler. I actually saw an old thread with a service tech from Minocqua (Chuckcrj) I tried to contact you directly from this site but not sure if it got to you (basically looks like I just sent you a friend request on Facebook) Anyway, I am looking for you to see if you can service my boiler for me. Long story short, I had my boiler installed about 7-8 years ago and the guy went out of business almost right after. The system never did work right and after having to have the unit almost completely rebuilt over the years and another service company go out of business that "kind of" knew how to work on them...I need help. I keep having the system lock up with an F10 error code. Sometimes it'll go a week or so fine and other times it locks up 2-3 times a day. As you know, it gets mighty cold up here and it always seems to give me fits when it gets the coldest. I'm tired of resetting the unit. I usually take it apart and clean the flame rod and flame detector yearly but don't feel I'm getting everything. I do have good flow of condensate. I am about ready to give the unit it's yearly cleaning but would very much like to have someone like you take a look at it. Funny thing is, as long as you are here, I also have a small Napoleon fireplace that was installed last year that needs looking at as well. Again, installed by a contractor that just went out of business. Unit will just shut itself off without notice. My first instinct is the thermocouple, but I've seen some other threads indicating that isn't the problem. Can you please get a hold of me and let me know if you can help me out. Butternut is just north of Park Falls. You can call me at my shop at 715-769-3200.