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    American Standard Advice

    I am looking at two different systems for my home.

    Approximately 2800 sqft 2-story home.

    I current have a 2 ton and 4 ton unit that are about 20 years old.

    I live in Houston with very hot and humid summers.

    I am looking at the American Standard Gold Xi 15 series air conditioners for both units with a Platinum SV variable speed communicating furnace. My installer recommends upgrading to the Platinum XM allegiance 16 unuts due to the 2 stage cooling. The ugrade would cost an additional $900.

    What does everyone think of the two stage cooling units, given my climate, and would the upgrade be worth it.

    Thank you.

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    Predominate cooling, I would stay with the single stage

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    Thanks. Do you you think the variable speed communicating furnace with the acculink 950 control is a good upgrade over the variable speed non-communicating furnace and a standard thermostat? My installer said it will give me more options with humidity control.

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    I would like to hear second opinion's reasons for that especially in a predominate cooling system.

    I live in Atlanta ga, I installed a 16 seer two stage unit with a 95% gas modulating furnace in my home and I love it.

    My bills have been the lowest they ever been, and the quality of comfort has much improved.

    Two stage is the way to go in my opinion.
    The opinions expressed by me are not that of my employer.

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