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Thread: Put gas in it!

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    went for an ac tuneup earlier this year...went to stat and called fort cool...went outside to see if cond running...nope...huh....went inside to check furnace switch....its on...but wait furnace...was removed earlier in the week cause of sewage back up and required cleaning....

    customer response???? i want cooling not heat from my furnace...and now i am the moron!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, Please Please......keep the Factory Smoke in the Wires!!!!!

    Is it Rum'Oclock yet???

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    had one today,

    customer wants oil furnace serviced, buys oil from other than us.

    she lets me in and have the chit chat on the way to the furnace, no issues just not done in a while- 8 years!!!!!!!

    she says they do the air filters and they are right there.

    she says specifically she wants oil filter changed, I said that is in the normal service. she asks if I need to get to the tank and I said yes since that is where the filter is, so she has to clean out room to make access(you knew we were coming for 3+ days).

    I oil motor on burner, pull out one air filter and then the other( it is a pro type so it is 8 years old) and oil blower motor and wheel and check belt, it needs one.

    show here filter and she almost falls over, literally. " We have 2 filters in there?"

    go to do the oil filter and flush the shut off, nothing comes out. do a couple turns and pulls on the shut off and nothing. Look at the gauge, empty. Pound the tank, sounds empty.

    Go inform her and she says " I know, we want the furnace serviced. Do you need oil for that?"

    I asked, "do you need fuel in your car to make it run? "

    gather my stuff, collect and tell her to call us when she gets oil.
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    my favorite is when the thermostat is set to the wrong mode, "but my one at home handles that for me automatically i don't have to tell it heat or cool". well your one at work needs to be told. This always happens to me when im on call. and i always assume they are smarter then this and find it with my meter.

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    I get a call every month for a furnace that won't work and every month it's right after the gas company shuts off the gas due to non payment and I have to go light the pilot, but every month the customer is upset that she has to have us out there again and wants to know why we can't keep her furnace running and has to call us every month, and wants to know why we can't just fix it right, I told her I would see her next month; lol

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    Call for no heat, rtu at car dealership. Drag extension down from truck, haul myself and tools up, tear the doors down. Nice spark, signal to valve at the right time. Gas valve? Not so fast - verify gas. Crack open rusty union for a quick whiff or fight with rusted pressure tap to verify pressure?

    Or maybe...just maybe - walk to the edge of the roof where the gas line goes down to the meter and see if it might be broken, locked and tagged.

    Which should really be the very first step, accomplished in about 90 seconds and while still on the ground.

    Had to charge this error to myself - even though you just kind of figure a business should know better....

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