I just purchased house a month ago that had a new HVAC system installed at the beginning of August and we have been having humidity issues with the unit since we moved in. The unit appears to be grossly oversized since even on days that were around 90 degrees the unit only ran for 8-9 minutes at a time(I live in the Atlanta area and the design temperature appears to be 95 degrees from what I have researched).

I have reached out to the installer of the system and they have had a technician and the install manager come out on 2 separate occasions to see if there is anything they can do and they claim everything is just fine with the system. After researching this issue more in depth I discovered earlier today that I have a two stage heat pump but for some reason the heat pump was installed as a single stage unit. I verified this by going into the install settings on the Edge Thermostat.

I want to contact the installation company to see if they can enable the heat pump to use 2 stages so that our system runs longer to improve efficiency and the removal of humidity from the air. I do not have a variable speed blower so from what I have read on this website it appears that the two stage unit will be of limited value but any increase in cooling times that I could get at this point would be helpful since I do not want to get rid of a brand new heat pump. I know the big challenge in using a two stage heat pump without a variable speed unit is getting a proper CFM for both the high and low stages but is it possible to have the thermostat wired to use different blower speeds for each cooling/heating stage(my furnace appears to have 5 speeds from what I see in the manual)? Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the list of my equipment if it helps:
Heat Pump: Carrier 25HCB648
Furnace: Carrier 58PHA090
Evaporator Coil: ADP C60A210C179W
Thermostat: Carrier Edge