Hi, I am a new member of the forum, and have limited HVAC experience and knowledge. I am lucky enough to be responsible for the management of facilities in one of the buildings where I work. We are about to authorize the installation of a 10,000 CFM make-up air unit with heating and cooling sections. The contractor chose Engineered Air equipment. At the time (when the bids were received), this meant nothing to me. My company has hired an overall facilities manager who claims expertise in HVAC. He says that he's never heard of Engineered Air, and knows no-one in the industry who has. He recommends we switch horses and buy an integrated McQuay unit, at considerable additional cost to us.

I'm not looking for an equipment recommendation, but from what I've seen reading posts here, Engineered Air is a reputable supplier of at least reasonable-quality equipment. Is that an accurate assessment? Thanks.