I have a 97 Goodman propane/AC outdoor package unit which has performed well. This is the second time this year we have turned the heat on this year as it gets colder. We had noticed in late afternoon that there was a 4 degree difference in the thermosat setting from the actual temperature which is more than normal. I checked our outside furnace and found that while the exhaust fan was running the furnace was not heating. I was close to calling a furnace repair company but after resetting the thermostat several minutes later everything was fine and has been since. Last year there was an issue one time with the propane supplier when low pressure in the underground lines caused issues but I can't remember if they were exactly the same.
My first thought when it happened was the igniter which had been replaced 2 seasons ago but now that all is back to normal I am not sure. Is an igniter a part that either works or doesn't? My concern is that if this problem was not a low pressure issue it could happen when we are not home and it is colder out. Of course if I call an HVAC repairman now everything will appear fine. Would appreciate any thoughts.