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    Goodman Package Unit Question

    I have a 1997 Goodman outside package combo propane/AC unit for my home. It performs well and this was about the second time I have called for heat as it gets colder out.
    We had noticed in late afternoon yesterday that there was a 4 degree difference in the thermosat setting from the actual temperature which is more than normal. I checked our outside furnace and found that while the exhaust fan was running the furnace was not heating. I was close to calling a furnace repair company but after resetting the thermostat several minutes later everything was fine and has been since.
    A year ago we had an issue with the propane supplier with low pressure in the underground lines that created a few similar issues but I can'r remember if it was the same exact issue.
    My initial thought was that it was the electronic igniter which had been replaced about 2 years ago but now that every thing is back to normal I am not sure. My concern of course is that it may not have been low pressure and it could happen again perhaps when we are away. Of course if I call HVAC repair now there is nothing obviously wrong to fix. Does an igniter either work or not work and the fact that things are now fine eliminate that as a potential problem? Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Is this the only appliance on LP? Have seen cases where valve on LP tank is shut off during summer. When turned back on in the fall the line is empty, no LP, and if not bled off before starting unit it will not lite and lock out. After 2 or 3 resets LP makes it to unit and TA DA it works fine. Just a thought.

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    Sorry to inform you sir (or madam) but if your Gooooman unit hasn't been serviced in a few years, now is the perfect time. I have found that most if not all Goooman package unit heat exchangers crack prematurely. Between 5 and 10 years. Thus resulting in a very unsafe condition. CO can be put in your house and you not even know it. Please have it checked to make sure it's in a safe working condition!!!!!
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    I believe that in 1997 goodman was still using Rheem to build their gas package units.

    I am also sorry to inform you that the overall design of these units tend to be on the unsafe side IMO>

    Even if todays service call was a simple fix I would recommend to start saving for a new, safer unit.

    Goodman now builds their own gas packages and IMO...they have a very good design now.

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    I do not have an LP tank. We have underground propane lines from the main propane supplier throughout our community. I do have a fireplace on propane but it has not been on since last year. Water tank is electric. I have heard about the Goodman heat exchanger issues apparently having to do with AC being routed thru heat exchanger and rusting out. Of course I am at 15 years without any problem. I do have a CO detector in the home though. That being said I do plan to replace the unit but was planning on waiting a year because natural gas lines are being run into our area to replace the very expensive propane. I won't have to have the expense of changing from propane to NG nozzles.
    The flame sensor becoming dirty is interesting. Is that the type issue that would clear up on its own as the furnace runs more?

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    Just get a clean and check.
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