Last week, I did an HVAC job where I had to cut two 10x4 vent holes in the floor of rooms, through 4" of concrete. I do not do this often, however when I do it takes a LONG time (the first one was a little over an hour... the second was almost 2 hours due to rebar).

While I was drilling, the chuck head (SDS style bit) loosed its grease seal and started throwing grease. I did finish the holes... however my gut instinct is this hammer drill is almost history (it is many years old).

Generally, I use the hammer drill to cut holes for condensing furnace flues, ducts, and vents. I have been doing this with lots of 1/2" holes and use the chisel feature to chip out between the holes. I would like to use a hole saw for the PVC furnace vents though. I have lots of SDS bits.

I was in HD today and looked at Makita, Bosch, and Hilti. The Hilti (HD is selling them off, they will not handle that brand anymore) is just too much $$$ for the amount I will use it.

I kinda liked the Makita... yet am not sure if I want the 1" or 1-1/4"... The smaller one is a conventional design... straight drill with D handle at the back. The larger one is the angle design and appears more rugged. Price is $200 and $300... both come with a bonus 4-1/2" grinder.

Does anyone have experience with these Makita hammer drills, are they durable, is the heavier one worth the extra $100, is the angle design a good idea or difficult to use?

And if there is another brand I should look at, please suggest it.

THX in advance for any suggestions.