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    Universal Aftermarket Replacement Parts

    I work for a supply house and I have a quick question for you guys. Which (if any) universal parts do you use during heating season? I'm trying to stock a good selection of this type stuff because most of our sales come from OEM parts. There's nothing wrong with that, there's just a bunch of sales we're missing because guys go elsewhere. Is one universal igniter better than the others? White Rodgers control boards or Honeywell? Thanks for any help!

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    All of the Honeywell universal parts are great. We stock and use them all the time.

    The only issue we had is the S9200U boards don't work correctly in Trane and American Standard furnaces. Therefore we also stock the White Rodgers universal HSI single stage boards.

    I will also say the White Rodgers universal ignitors suck. We used them a couple of years ago, and had an over 95% failure rate within the first year. We will NEVER use those again.

    Oh, as far as gas valves go I prefer White Rodgers over Honeywell. W-R is easier to work with and install in my opinion. They both work fine.
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