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    Student inquiring about controls.

    Hi all, I am just about to complete my Associate degree in HVAC/R and currently work for a residential mechanical contractor as an installation apprentice. I am on a hunt for information on what other avenues are available to a person pursuing HVAC/R as a career. I have a great interest in controls. I have been looking around for information on Ferris State University for their bachelor degree in HVAC/R engineering and have pretty much decided that is what I am going to enroll in. Any thoughts or input on what control tech/engineers do would be much appreciated. What kind of path to take to get to the position as a controls tech/engineer. All I am looking for is information and helpful tips. Thanks in advance.

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    Controls work is pretty interesting, I must say. That branch of the industry has a ton of new technology in it it's ridiculous. If you can learn both the mechanical side and controls both would be huge. I'm our emergency option when the other 2 are tied up, I just have too much on my plate to do it full time.

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    Contact some of the local engineering firms and get on as an intern while you pursue a Mechanical Engineering Degree. After a while (when you are an EIT) you can get your PE Stamp and if you are lucky there will be an senior engineer who can teach you controls but most only dabble in it.
    Another route is to get hired on with a firm that also has Commissioning Agents and you can get a feel for it there. There are also companies like JCI, Honeywell, Siemens and a boatload of other companies that specialize in providing their own line of control products. You can also contact a headhunter and see who they can put you in touch with. PM me and I can sent you a contact for one. Also join Linkedin.
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