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I concur!

My 1586, 87V and 28II are made in the USA and i won't replace them for anything else. The only product of theirs i have that i know isn't made in the USA is 376... I have written Fluke and hope they give me a honest respones about products made in the USA. I requested a list of DMM and amp probes that are made in the USA and any other products made here.

I will be very disappointed if they completely stop producing products in this country. I do trust their testing products over all others and don't think i will be able to convert with out a tremendous effort and proof provided by another manufacturer!

I do wish Fluke had a DMM/Amp Probe that had all of the functions needed for HVAC work.

I would accept products made in Germany. They have a excellent reputation and produce some of the finest automobiles out their. Even the Japs copy their designs!
:thumbup: let us know if you hear back from them.

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