I ve been using a fluke meter forever and always trusted it,recently my fluke started acting up and decided to go with the fieldpiece,anyone else use fieldpiece? Have you had any problems? the thing i dont like is it never wants to read zero seems like it never wants to settle on zero,now when i take a reading it does settle out on the voltage there,i guess iam gonna just have to get used to it,maybe i just go and get me another fluke and keep the fieldpiece for backup. Starting a split changeout in a attic today,i was lucky enough to get one that was still working and the customer says to wait till the weather cools down before you start working in the attic.the thing is they called in the summer and the drain had stopped up so i spent a couple hours removing blower and cleaning it and the coil and drainpan so the ahu is like really clean,if it was already 410a i would just leave it,the old unit is a 21 years old tempstar and the evaporater dosent leak,wow,i think ill just put the old one to work in my building out back to keep my bass boat warm.