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    Does anyone have information on how to check motor windings on a motor wired to a wye delta starter? I just wanted to ohm the motor windings.

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    1 to 4 ,2 to 5 , 3 to 6 are the three windings then check each leg to ground but you really should be using a megger not just a ohm meter to properly check the insulation condition of the windings.

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    Practically Canadian ehh.

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    graham is correct. you should use a megger for insulation integrity but if you are going to check winding resistance you will need a milli-ohm meter. most windings that use wye-delta starters are going to have ohm readings in the 0.001 to 0.0001 ohm range. most meters will not come anywhere close to this range and if they do it is probably not accurate enough to bother checking. i use a feildpiece milli-ohm attachment for my fluke.
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