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    Can I use generic RS232 cable instead of Testo Rs232 to load date from 175-T2 to PC

    Hi all,

    Recently my company has bought a Testo 175-T2 thermometer. After the device come, we just know that the "DB9 Rs232 to Mini Din Cable" which used to load data to PC does not come together with the thermometer, the cable has to be ordered separately.

    Due to tight schedule of the project, we get a normal "DB9 Rs232 to Mini Din Cable", and try to connect the thermometer to the Pc, but it is not working. I also spend nearly 2 days on searching around internet, and yet I cant find much information about this.

    So my question is:

    Is it true that we can only connect the Testo 175-T2 thermometer to Pc by using the "DB9 Rs232 to Mini Din Cable" that come from Testo?

    Please advice.


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    I would assume you would need a testo software program on your computer to get this to work.
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    I'm going to take a guess and say that you need a free download of Comsoft Basic 5:$part=PORTAL.USA.Applications&$event=show-from-content&externalid=opencms:/Sites/INT/SharedDocuments/DownloadsINT/Logger_DONTSYNC3/

    EDIT: Download instruction manual (link below) and see page 14 on how to download and use the software:
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    Hi Itsiceman,

    Thanks for replying. Yeah, I am using "ComSoft_Basic_5" on my computer, but when I trying to connect to the thermometer, an error message occurs "Unable to connect instrument". So it is obvious that the problem is due to the cable, and we are suspecting that Testo cable contain certain kind of signature or chip, which limiting the Testo device to be connected only by using the Testo cable.

    Anyone knows is the following statement correct?

    "Testo cable contain certain kind of signature or chip, which limiting the Testo device to be connected only by using the Testo cable."

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    Hi Snewman24,

    I try that also. I read through the manual and follow exactly what it taught me, but it is still not working. The only difference is that I am using a "Rs232 to mini Din cable" that doesn't come from Testo.

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    Most RS232 Cables Are Straight Thru Wiring, ie; DTR-DTR and DSR-DSR, ect
    Data Receive Date Sent.
    Usually For a Comm Network To Work You Would Use a RS232 Null-Modem Cable, ie:
    Date Send - Data Receive and Data Receive To Data Send Wire/Pin.
    Radio shack still might sell the 9DB Null modem genger changer.

    Also Your Baud Rate Has to Match PC-Testo as well as Bit/Parity, ect, ie; 19200,8,N,1
    Most PCs incl laptops that have a 9DB Com Port are Not True Comm Ports, most
    cause problems due to the way they attempted to send/receive packet data.
    Since all communication network cables are used, they also have Vdc passing
    through them and when communicating,ie; send data=low Vdc aprox 1vdc,
    receive=high vdc aprox 3vdc, by this voltage switching allows packet data transfer.

    Best solution would be get cable from Mgr, In some instances like Allen Bradley,
    one pin might be Hot VDC if used in wrong application will damage unit.
    or If Someone else has one, have them ohm it out pin by pin.

    Comsoft Basic 5 for the 1785-T2$part=PORTAL.USA.Applications&$event=show-from-content&externalid=opencms:/Sites/INT/SharedDocuments/DownloadsINT/Logger_DONTSYNC3/

    Comsoft Basic 5 Manual pdf

    usb interface testo 175-177 Driver$part=PORTAL.USA.Applications&$event=show-from-content&externalid=opencms:/Sites/INT/SharedDocuments/DownloadsINT/usbdriver/

    Checked Testo Download & Library for info no luck or FAQs
    There might be info/HELP in the Comsoft Software once installed

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    You might want to contact Testo directly by phone or email and ask them.......

    In the USA:$part=PORTAL.USA.Applications&$event=show-from-menu&categoryid=63640571

    Other places in the world:$part=PORTAL.INT.ContentDesk&$event=show-from-menu&categoryid=1216763
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    Hi JLDrescher,
    You are right. I am trying very hard to get the correct pin assignment from net. But I am having problem with the "8 Pin Mini Din" as it does not have some kind of standard on its pins, meaning one person can define the function of pin based on their needs. In this case, the best way is to get the pin assignment of the Testo 175-T2, so that we knows how testo define their pins, and yet we can define ours accordingly.

    Hi snewman24,
    I have leaved Testo an email yesterday. They didn't replied me. So my next move is to call them directly.

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    If You Are Going To Make Up Your Own Cables Someday, Here Is The Info On The
    Very Hard To Find 8-Pin Connectors. $1.32ea

    8-Pin Mini D Straight Connector
    Mouser Electronics
    1 800 346-6873
    Page 1418
    Kobiconn Circular DIN Connector
    Part# 171-2608

    On Some Equipement Using The 8-Pin Connector, The 8-Pin "Align" Tang Might Not Be Used
    On The 8-Pin Female Side, ie; Allen Bradley. When Connector Has Been Disassembled For
    Soldering, 8-Pin Conn Outer Shell/Metal Splits In 2-Pieces, I Use a Needle Nose Pliers
    and Compress The "Align Tang" Flat, Using Needle Nose Will Maintain The Curve Shape.
    To Date, I Have Not Located The Non-Align-Tang Version.

    If Testos Cable Is a USB to 9DB (Only Cable Used/No Black-Box) Most RS232 Comm
    Uses Only 3 Wires, DTR, DTS, Common, There Are Jumpers Installed On The 9DB Side.
    Locating On The WEB For a USB Pinout Will Show What Is What.
    Good Luck.

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    Hi JLDrescher,

    THanks Bro. I will try to figure out. Haha, will share to you guys if I get this thing to work.

    Thanks all

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    Pending the specific order number, which would indicate which Testo cable is needed. If it's an older 175 then it may not be worht the trouble figure out the ISO pin configuratiion. Call Testo's customer service at 800-227-0729, and if needed call me on x 124.

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    Hi John,

    The model number is 175-T2, and it is the old version one. According to local Singapore Testo agent, our model has been obsoleted for almost 2 years, and if we really want to get the cable and software for this model, it going to cost more than the thermometer itself.

    So now my final question is:

    Is "testo 175-t2 Rs232 data transfer cable partno: 0409 0178" a generic cable or a special cable? Special in the sense that there is signature or chip being placed inside the cable.

    If the answer is "yes, it is a special cable", then we can straight buy it from Testo, no problem.

    Anyone know the answer about this question?


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