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    i'm getting a new furnace intalled & was advised to have new coils installed at a price of $550.

    that way when i need to replace a new AC unit in the future, the cost will be less?

    is this advisable? if yes, why? if no, why?

    if my new furance is bryant, must my future AC be bryant also, if new bryant coils are installed?

    my AC unit is about 14 years old,, lennox brand.

    thanks very much?

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    It is best that your system be properly matched.

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    The coil is part of the cooling system, not the furnace. I would NOT change it just because it's there.

    Couple reasons... 1 is the coil should be matched to the outdoor unit for best performance & efficiency. If you replace with the furnace, it won't be assuming it is now. 2 is the upcoming change in refrigerants. If you buy an R22 coil now, you are stuck with 22 in the future where R410a looks to be the next gas. Also you will be limited to one brand if you want to stay matched. 3 is what happens when an A/C dies. Often when a compressor fries, it fills the system including the indoor coil with acid. Do you want that acid haunting your new outdoor unit?

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