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    Quote Originally Posted by keef View Post
    at least the trap on the unit is correct LOL
    I noticed that too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WarTurtle View Post
    These are mostly taken in Richmond, VA. It's also funny you mention getting electrocuted because the electricians run wires and leave them hot with no wirenuts. Just laying in the middle of the crawl lol
    It had to be. We do some charity work here in Richmond and most of those jobs look like your pictures.

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    No, it's not charity. The county calls it rehab but it's just some guy buying a horrible house for 10k (for example) then getting a gc to get the cheapest possible workers to do the work. Then they usually rent it and use the rent money to pay off the house so they eventually own the house plus a source of income.

    To be fair, even though some things are horrible they really do improve the quality of the house. Most of the houses I wouldn't mind living in if it wasn't for the area plus the fear of not knowing what corners got cut to make the pretty finished product. Plus, the hvac is always really good

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