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    Field Server Engineer

    Are field service engineers just field service techs with degrees? If so is there anything like that in hvac? I always see them mentioned in lists of good jobs for veterans but they never really go into detail about it.

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    Yes there is, and it is a pretty big industry.
    The difference between a tech and engineer:
    Tech is more labores and hands on then engineers. Engineers work more on system design and temperature controls.

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    I have been doing this for 30 years.
    Never heard of FSE.
    have you checked your local pipefitter union for
    Helments to hardhat program?

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    I have seen plenty of filed service engineers. They usually work for places like honeywell, or jci, and are nothing more than computer techs with a fancy title in many cases. This was a tactic utilized in the early days of automation to charge higher rates, lol. give em a title and raise his sell price.

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    It is just a Title. The employer will select a Title that he wants to use, either Service Technician, Service Engineer, Service Mechanic, Service Fitter, etc...
    Service Engineer sounds more knowledgable, although doesn't mean the guy knows his A** from hole in ground.
    Some Co's Title their Automation Techs as System Specialist's, but all they really know how to do is write code, some can't even do that very good, They don't know or understand mech systems.
    A title is just that, a title. Nothing more. Garbage truck drivers are Sanitary Engineers.
    “If your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.” ~Henry J. Kaiser

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    A Field Service Engineer is someone who is just insecure about his place in the pecking order as a lowly wrench-turner
    The key to happiness is lower expectations.

    Don't pick the fly crap out of the pepper.

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