If I had pics, this would go on the "Wall of Shame".

I was called out to correct a mess left by another "company" that would not return and fix.

They told the customer that the reversing valve on his 8 year old Trane XLi13 was causing a loss of cooling capacity. I found a crappy replacement. They did not remove or replace the bullet driers and the brazing work was horrible and leaking.

I advised the customer that the leak had to be repaired and the system charged before I could assess his system. The customer agreed to the work and because of what just happened to him was very interested in watching the whole process. Once the system was properly repaired and running (removed old driers and installed new heat pump drier, nitrogen leak test, evacuaetcn, ect) I found that the real reason for his cooling problem was a failed TXV. I had advised him that it could be an issue before I started work so he was prepared.

Long and short of it is he spent lots of money to end up right back where he started. We are going to give him a break and the part is warranty, but he still got ripped off by some idiots.

Sad statement of what is out there. I hate it for the customer. He would not say who did this to him but I suspect he is not done with them.