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    I currently have a Tempstar ntc6075 and went to start up without any reaction. Check 110v to the circuit board...ok Checked 24v from transformer....ok I have both to the control board and still nothing. I have also checked all limits and pressure switch. Limits are closed and PS will close on start up. What else have I missed?????

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    "What else have I missed?????"

    training, experience, knowledge.....

    are you a tech or H/O?

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    I am a home owner with some electrical skill. All indications after my checks would point to the control board...

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    Betcha this furnace has a SmartValve don't it?

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    Hey, don't diss smart valves. They are great.

    I have only replaced them on about 99.9% of the Tempstar furnaces I installed with a smart valve. Some of them 2 to 3 times in one year.

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    Furnace will not come on.

    I Have been putting on a stronger transformer and this will open the Smart gas valve.
    Blue Fox

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    Every smart valve I have replaced was due to the fact that it would not start the inducer motor.

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    yea this furnace has a "dumb valve" on it. the original transformer I also had to replace because it started smoking. If I get another stronger transformer and replace the valve, would this take care of my problem? Thanks.....

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    and to think. Honeywell reports that 90 to 95% of the smart valves they get back under warrenty are NOT bad.

    To think Tempstar had to "dumb" the furnace down so the techs could work on it properly.

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    It's funny how they lay blame on the techs.

    None of the furnaces worked before replacing the valve but they all worked after. Imagine that!

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