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    preventive maintenance

    I'm new in this forum, and my background is not hvac (I hope that doesn't bother anyone). I have a company that does basic building repair in restaurants tile, painting, light remodeling (basically a handy-man services). I work with about 40 national chains.
    I'm meeting with a new company tomorrow (Tuesday) who wants there building guys to do light preventive on their equipment quarterly.

    It sounds like just blowing out the equipment, changing filters and gaskets.

    I don't plan on doing anything with the actual repair of these units.

    Could anyone please chime in and maybe give me a heads up on other preventive items that I could be looking for.

    I would like to add that I have a great deal of respect for the work you people do. I ran restaurants for over 25 years, and there was no one that I appreciated more than my equipment techs.

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    You Whant To Change A/c Filters, Check Blower Belts, Clean Condenser Coils If Needed, Check Evaporator Coils , Check Contactors For Piting And Burning, Check Refrigerant Charge.

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    depends what you are offering

    basic mainteance or comprehensive

    things i check:
    1. temp split across evap
    2. electrical connections
    3. contactors for pitting
    4. visual on heat exchanger (pre-winter start up)
    5. clean condensor coils in spring
    6. overall operation as far as motors and visual checks on fan blades
    7. pre-winter i would check heating circuit safeties.
    8. check for cleanliness of evap (and reheat coil when applicable)

    1. amp draws on all components
    2. pressures
    3. temp split across condensor
    4. clean burners
    5. tstat calibration
    6. voltages

    of course how far i go is going depend on pricing as far as what they want to spend. main thing is that the unit is safe

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    as far as kitchen equipment

    cold side:

    check gaskets for conditon (they usually never clean them or their contact point on the frame and they rip)
    check and clean condensors (some like to cover them with filter media to keep cleaner longer, i don't)
    check hardware, blow out drain lines, check evaps for cleanliness (take notice of air flow, like over stocked boxes), check door frame heaters such as walk in freezer
    check drain line heaters
    check superheats (usually mostly if they have been having a problem)
    ice machine: check for cleanliness
    check waterfilters (guage)
    check defrost timers for operation making sure unit pumps down and shuts off
    sometimes i will take a water tem just after it starts a cycle to make sure proper water temp is being achieved
    check calibration of temp controls.
    you can go further

    if your doing the hot side:adding this because it is on this tread

    check t'stats for operation and calibration
    check burners
    check pilots
    check gaskets and hardware
    etc. etc.

    again it depends on what they are looking for and want to spend

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    ][sometimes i will take a water tem just after it starts a cycle to make sure proper w ater temp is being achieved ]

    warer temp//?liquid cooled condensor
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