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Thread: crazy stuff

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    My day today. " red building place that serves down home cooking from the farm", Keating 36" griddle,just change out all thermopiles, 2 t-stats, on/off switches, and repair wiring as needed. Frick@# pain in the a$$,on my knees all day using chisel and crow bars to chisel the grease crap out of it to be able to pull out the burner assembly. Filled up a 5-gal. bucket with the big crap and my shop vac with little stuff. The manager said they just cleaned it. LOL. Took two of us to do the final pull on the rack to break it free. Found the burner by the grease trough, that the grease had lifted up off the rack, rotted out, 2-in. hole in the bottom of it. Oh well life in the big city pays well. Lucky me, no roaches to deal with today, and a good hot shower and I am ready to do it all again.
    So you didn't ask, what you though was a stupid question. Now how, are you going to tell the boss about your stupid screw up?

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    I know about roaches was working on a hobart dishmach pulled a panal where motor and geardrive and was amused as the geardrivewas turning the roaches were going round and round with the gears one false move and sqush

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