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Thread: crazy stuff

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    need some stories about the crazy stuff we see when working on this stuff. anyone have some good ones?

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    I could use up all the bandwidth if I started, but below comes to mind right off the bat:

    1. Call for a dishwasher not working. Asked the client all sorts of questions. Decided I had to get a service company out to look at it. Technician found that the water in the tank was a block of ice. When it thawed, it was also discovered that the rinse boiler had frozen and cracked.
    Of course, the client expected all of this to be covered under warranty !!
    2. Call for a dishwasher not working. Tech goes, takes off the control panel cover, gets over run by mice, that had eaten all the wiring, again, client thought that this should be covered under warranty !!

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    we see some great stuff around here. worked on a frymaster fryer recently, standing pilot, the last guy changed out the pilot assembly and messed up the threads on the compression fitting so he siliconed it back into place. replaced a flat grill at a Denny's once. when we got the grill out the manager had the cooks get the floor scrapers and the chisels out to remove the 25 years of sausage, eggs, and bacon from behind it.
    it was all of 6"-8" thick! and completly covered the gas line!

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    Went on a no hot water call at the local country kitchen.I found a lennox complete heat weeping water into the burner chamber.I told them call a plumber they needed a new water heater.Four months later I get a no hot water call there again.I am thinking why not call the plumber it has to be under warranty?I get there & find they installed an eight year old a.o.smith that was neglected.It had an out of ohm hsi,a failed pressure switch,cracked burner,noisy inducer with failing bearings,& a plugged drain.I ordered the parts & listed them for approval first......good thing too the next day it sprang a leak lol!
    Take your time & do it right!

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    Some 20+ years ago got a fryer call in warranty. This place was rugged on gas valves as we had already replaced several the first few months.

    The National Service Director was in town to give a seminar. This guy had ZERO field experience but was the National Service Director. I grabbed him and put him in my van. He loved it! Thought he was finally going to get to chat it up with the customer and help with the warranty advice and work to nip this problem customer in the bud. He was all smiles until I pulled into the parking lot of the Varsity in downtown Atlanta.

    "Whada ya have, Whada ya have"???

    These flat bottom 80# fryers had short neck drain valves and the gas valves were directly underneath. They have to filter several times a day. You get the picture yet? He skated his way over to the 6 in a row fryers. I handed him my flashlight and said here, fix this!

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    1st Call - Walk in Cooler down - Defrost clock was all burnt out.

    2nd Call - Steamer had bad drain valve - solenoid fried some fuses.

    3rd Call - Frymaster fryer had bad loose wiring harnes to the computer - 3/32 of greese covering the fryer.

    4th Call - Roof Top furnace had cracked heat exhanger with 4 dead birds in it.

    5th Call - Steam Cettle had a bad axuator (This was at the State Penn also) So i got raped while fixing the bastard.

    Then went the hell home.

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    They say hvac guys work in bad elements, but the techs that do kichen service work are unbelievable.I just hope they get paid good, because alot of those resturants I used to eat in I dont anymore after working on some kichen appliances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Boduke,--5th Call - Steam Cettle had a bad axuator (This was at the State Penn also) So i got raped while fixing the bastard.

    This one got me to thinking about a call a buddy had awhile back at the state prison in Westville, In.. He and another tech was sent to repair a stove or something that needed two man work. Don is a big boy, we call him Papa Bear, anyways he's working on this thing and one of the prison "fairies" in the kitchen took a liking to him, pulled up a chair next to him and just sat and stared at him did'nt say a word, just batted his eyes and rubbed his private parts, the whole time he was there. This "fairy" was dressed the part, had on long eye lashes, makeup over his beard, pink tennis shoes, and really green eyes according to the other tech. The shop hounded Don for days with cat calls, bug eye glasses, and someone put some pink tennis shoes in his box at work, though he was gonna kill us for that one.
    So you didn't ask, what you though was a stupid question. Now how, are you going to tell the boss about your stupid screw up?

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    how about, walk into a restaurant and the dishwasher won't work, open the control panel, and it's full of dead roaches. this is why i hate cooking equiptment. oh, and while you're working on something, people are dripping stuff all over you.

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    ah yes, like working on a McDonalds fryer..................................while its still hot (because heaven forbid you have to shut off the fryers for you to work on them) LOL

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    How about you kneel down on the greasy floor and take a panel off a Champion flight type dishwasher and pass it back over your head to the guy you expect to take it from you..he doesn't, just points, you look up ( holding the panel over your head) and see that the back side was coverted with about 99999 baby roaches which are now gently showering all over your head and shoulders while your buddy watches?
    I wasn't sure whether throw it at him, throw it away from him, or gently place it on the ground next to me without shaking any more off. I chose the latter, then proceeded to stomp the crap out of them while simultaineously trying to brush the frreakin things off my shoulders and hair.

    I don't miss working on kitchen equipment one bit.

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    You are so right about the roaches, they are in every electrical box or transformer box.

    Ever work on a large dish machine they are everywhere.

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    Originally posted by mxzx440_03
    ah yes, like working on a McDonalds fryer..................................while its still hot (because heaven forbid you have to shut off the fryers for you to work on them) LOL

    KFC'S were the same way. Got to the point that I would not change a temp probe, or work on a fryer until the grease was out of the unit. Always fun working on a fryer with rancid grease, lol!

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