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Thread: Nate certified?

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    Nate certified?

    What are the "real" advantages of being certified? Has it helped you with your HVAC career? I see there are multiple courses and study material cd's, books, there one Nate certification which is better than another...I see a core exam and tons of specialty exams, is there one you recommend for a first year apprentice. I have heard some guys say its a gimic because you continuous have to take CEU's to keep the certification. Others have it said "its the end all be all", whats your real thoughts on NATE certified and your HVAC career.
    Thanks all

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    All certs are good!
    All school is good!

    I believe all those NATE and RSES certs helped me get a great job 10 years ago!

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    I think the heat pump specialty is the best, at least for my region bc they are very common. With the heat pump specialty you get air conditioning and heat pump cert with just the one test. I think Nate is good because it compels you to continue your education by taking classes to earn CEU's so you can maintain your cert. Our techs get a raise when they get Nate certified and my company gets paid more by the manufacture for warranty work bc our techs are Nate certified. It's also another way to set yourself apart from the competition.

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    Agree that all certs and schools are good. NATE hasn't helped me with my career as far as pay or work but had to study up and more CEUs required keeps me learning and that's a good thing. In IN there is at least one city that uses NATE as their lisence. You don't got it you don't work. I also agree that the HP cert is the best one, if your only getting one, to have.

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