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    Type of extra filter needed with Electronic air cleaner?

    I have a 3 ton heat pump with an electronic air cleaner. Before the return air enters the electronic air cleaner there is a 1/4" aluminum mesh screen, and after the air cleaner I have been using the 1" pleated style MERV 8 filter. To maximize air flow I am considering replacing the pleated style filter with a cheap fibreglass filter with no MERV rating; my thinking being that an electronic air cleaner plus a 1" pleated MERV 8 is overkill. Mostly I want to maximize air flow, but I also don't want to develop a dirty coil. What do you guys think? Great forum by the way, long time lurker, first time poster!

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    You shouldn't need anything more than the prefilter (aluminum) and the EAC cells as long as clean should catch most particles and keep the coil clean. Any other filter is not benefitting and is putting a strain on your system that will likely cause premature failure of compressor and/or heat exchanger.

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    ditch the EAC cells and install a 5" media filter in their place.

    you can tell by how dirty the merv8 gets how much dust is getting through the EAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    ditch the EAC cells and install a 5" media filter in their place.

    you can tell by how dirty the merv8 gets how much dust is getting through the EAC.
    I agree if you want to keep the coil clean. The velocity of your return would need to be around 250 to 275 feet per minute for the EAC to perform as designed. Unfortunately most returns are way undersized causing velocities in the 700 to 1000 fpm range causing excess noise and filter issues.

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    I would either put in a media filter or keep the 1" pleat after the EAC.

    When large particles go through an EAC they become electrically charged. When they get close to the collection cell often times they throw a spark that incinerates the particle. The charge is then disipated so the ash has no charge. It then passes through the collection cell. This is why you need the post filter.

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    media filter instead of EAC would be a better option.

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