California prop 34 and 35

FORCE people convicted of crimes to WORK to pay off the "victims"

sounds like a great idea right?

how exactly is a prison system going to FORCE people to work.

you might say "well i like the idea of chain gangs" (which this is NOT) , but when you think about it , this is a sickening idea.

more and more DNA tests are being used to prove people's innocents.
is this because of the wonders of the modern age?
NO, this is because judges and lawyers aren't running trials right.
there was a famous rape case where the judge told the victim she couldn't use the word "rape"

people are being placed on the "sex offender" list for taking a pee in public. (this is true)

our legal system is going haywire, and the last thing we need is a system that was the ability to FORCE people to work.


lets consider this scenario....

one day your driving down the street and you run into someone who ran a red light.
you jump out of the car and yell "what are you doing you dumb b****? you almost killed me!!!"
the window rolls down and it's Occupyer Diane Fienstien.
Diane Fienstien says "did i run that red light? i'm so sorry , are you OK? ...don't worry about it"

well you're leaving for work the next day and the police arrest you for FELONY reckless driving driving.

you go to court and Fienstien, who isn'e even there, has her attorney, ...Gloria Alred....tell the court that the whole incident was your fault and you were reckless driving.

you're walking back to the courtroom after recess and you see the judge, Gloria Alread, Diane Fienstien, and your defense attorney all coming back from lunch together.

your defense attorney tell you the case isn't looking too good and you should just plead guilty and accept a lesser sentence.
you decide to fight it.

you are found guilty and the judge gives you 2 years, PLUS, you have to work off $3500 in expenses to Fienstien's car(somone who has already stole enough money from the public),'ll be earning $3 per day.

and by the way, every year you refuse to work, is a year they add to your sentence.
it's legal! ...the people passed it