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You should be prepared to spend thousands on equipping yourself with the best stuff money can buy. I like to use my own stuff so I am not stuck using whatever junk the company wants to supply. As long as there is an agreement that the employer will cover maintenance/repair/replacement cost if it's used on the job.

I think most self-respecting techs own their own drills, saws, gauge manifolds, torch set, scale, leak detector(s), meters, thermometers, etc. in addition to the standard hand tools. Vacuum pump could go either way. Recovery machine & cylinders usually not. Your tools are an investment in your ability to do your job without being dependent on someone else. I would have a hard time taking someone seriously as a professional if they did not make this investment in themself.

Just for illustration purposes, here's what I roll with every day. Can handle most service calls with just what's on the table there.
Most companies that I have worked for allowed me to purchase the epuipment that I will be using, such as reclaimer. If you don't go overboard they have no problem with it. As far as self reaspecting goes I disagree. The company needs to supply certain tools. As technology changes tools change. The company needs to keep all employees up to speed. They can't have one guy thatowns his own micron gage while another guy doesn't own one. Not fair to the customer, which guy do they get. Self respect is making sure the proper tools are supplied, such as evac tree and good evac hoses not those allin one gages with four valves on them. The industry has changed over my 33 years and I don't think I should be responible for upgrading my epquipment as it changes. There was no such thing as digital gauges and meters when I started. Simpson 260 was the elite meter at the time now fluke digital (imho).