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I fail to see the problem when you take on job their are standards that you must maintain if not good-bye and that is how it should be. The last thing we need is a union mentality that allows you to lolly-gag around and not produce but retain your job. I do not think illegal workers should be hired but having to hustle on the job is a standard that should be applied universally.

I have canned many a tech and installer that had a cavalier work ethic!!!!!!!!!
These folks I'm talking about are strong and intelligent. They are good workers, but they say it is almost impossible to do what is required of them every night. They are asked to do 11 hours of work in 8 hours. Employers are demanding more of their employees in this economy because the employers know they have the upper hand with jobs being so tight. I have a friend of mine in the HVAC business, and he does say it is hard to find good help. I don't know why that is in the HVAC field. I've seen some really crappy installs too. BTW, how many illegals do you have working for you?