I live in Houston where unlike the rest of the Country we're experiencing quite the economic boom due to people with money moving from bankrupt states calling our huge sprawling city home now.

We're also seeing a large influx of contractors, general contractors and workers come in and take Construction work away from the local Contractors and GC's.

Last week during the commissioning of 9 VAV's for a build out done by a California GC I got to listen to the GC and his workers whine about the heat and humidity and pine for their bankrupt home city in California while atop a six foot ladder with a mini-mag light in my teeth.

45 minutes of it and that was all that I could take. Most guys here no me well enough to know that I can't resist a good fight.....uhm debate...so I finally told them "well why don't you go back .....now ?"

I DO try to consider a certain level of professionalism which usually stops my mouth from over-riding my intelligence when on a job sight but this was weird.

It was like an out of body experience, a reflex that I had no more control over than my reflex to take my next breath. For a half second I almost looked around to see who was so bold to say something like that to the GC and 6 of his employees.

Just little ole' me.

Realizing what I just started I climbed off my ladder and walked up to the GC and looked him in the eyes from about 2 feet away. ( This is a psychological tactic I learned to do years ago to actually defuse a confrontation....) Believe it or not it works.

Not in a threatening way, not even angry, just look directly in to their eyes with a slight grin with all the confidence in the world and it will usually cause them to retreat to a defensive posture psychologically and some times physically.

Anyway after the expected awkward pause he responded " cuz there aint no money there" to which I replied " Who's fault is that " ???

We wen't back and forth for a few minutes with some of his guys chiming in their expected responses....Californian GC's ( I know what they're going to say before they start their sentence..and finally I explained WHY Houston still has an economy, and a good one.

Point being Texas and Houston is attracting out of state residents, businesses and money because of our Conservative approach to taxes and giving corporations and small businesses incentives.

BUT our Company and others like us are starting to campaign to give local contractors, subs or General Contractors first shot even if they're the high bid and it's also starting to filter up to the larger businesses and corporations.

We here had nothing to do with the mess your State is in financially.

You people elected your liberal politicians who don't have the two brains cells to rub together to realize low taxes, NO STATE INCOME TAX and incentives for Companies that relocate here is how you increase revenues..... NOT taxing the holy hell out your residents, passing restrictive draconian regulations and passing out social services to every illegal that crosses your borders like they're door prizes.


What's worse than a Californian native relocating to Texas ???? A Michigan native..

We hired a helper...no HVAC experience, just a mule a month out of Michigan who felt the need to inform me while we were setting 10 new package units with that adorable "accent"....*sigh* that " Texas sucked, but it's where the money's at..." GRRRR....

I fired him....Lol ! Yep just "You're fired get your sh** and go" and I don't even head up OUR construction Crew, I'm our Companies Service Manager AND I run Commercial service calls.

I let him crawl off the roof and talk to our Construction manager and of course he was "rehired", I don't have the authority to let run those guys off.

Our Construction Manager called me 30 minutes later while I was installing a pneumatic receiver controller in one of the package units and it went something like this.....

CM: Chris, ( My name ) Did you fire Phillip ?
Me: Yes, Yes I did.
CM: Can I ask Why ?? ( knowing I had no authority but for the sake of conversation.)
Me: He Slandered our Great State, said "Texas sucks but it where the money's at"
Me: Yup
CM: Ok, I'll take care of it. I have some duct wrap with his name on it.

Point is Texans are very proud of our State. If you have to move here be respectful to the natives.

I'm at least 8th generation Texan BTW with Comanche Indian mix.

If you're a out of State Contractor or Sub or General Contractor we didn't screw up your State economy so DO UNDERSTAND if you're treated like interlopers when you come in to Texas and undercut Texas Contractors.