Today I upgraded trial site from 3.5.24 to 3.5.39. I had previously installed all Security updated jars and the new web jar(IE9 issue) to my 3.5.39 workbench. All seemed to go OK other than the reports that had worked fine in 3.5.24, when trying to view a report it would wait about 1-2 minutes then kick me out of site a few times it caused a reboot. I figured out that column Device Name which I was bringing in as %name% was causing the problem after deleting that column reports came up properly but now my report px view hyperlink doesn't work. I added bound labels over report px to hyperlink to individual devices as this is a small site with only a few devices. Should I be using something other than %name% to bring the device name into report? %DeviceName% didn't work. Strange thing is %name% has always worked in the past. I really don't want to upgrade any large sites until I get issues worked out. Any insight appreciated.