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i have a few RSES questions i hope y'all can help me with.

after reading a few posts about the subject i sent off & recieved their info packet.i plan on joining & ordering some of their stuff.my questions are on what i should order.

a little background first - i attended & graduated (pretty high in my class) a tech school HVAC program several years ago.like an idiot i did nothing with what i learned from it.i decided to do something else and now i regret not going into heating & air.i have decided to give heating & air another try but,i have lost alot of what i had learned.

my questions : what would be the best to order? start with manual 1? just the manual or order the CD's with it?

any advice would be appreciated.

After hearing about how tough the CM test is I decided to break down and get the 3 manuals myself. I'm working my way through them. It's like wading through alligators but I think it'll pay off in the long run.