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    Combustion Air Intake

    Hello everyone, first time poster here. I just moved into my new home, and I'm looking to get some work done by a professional to my HVAC system. But before I speak to him/her, I'm hoping to get some input on what's possible and not possible.

    On the ground floor I have a small 68"x38" closet that contains a blower and gas furnace (water-less boiler is located elsewhere).

    Basically, my issue is noise, and developer isn't willing to provide me with information regarding the handler and furnace. I did find out that a louvered door is NOT required. So there are metal double doors in place.

    I want to look into the possibility of sealing/soundproofing the doors to attenuate the noise, but I don't know what the combustion air requirements are, and if my unit requires the cracks in b/t the doors to draw air. The manual indicated that one of the white pipes is a combustion air pipe. Does this mean that sealing the doors is ok? Or if not, should I be looking into having someone 1 - create another opening for combustion air inside or 2 - have a duct installed in to draw air from outside?

    Any input/feedback would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    One pipe is exhaust and the other is intake for the combustion air. You can seal the room if you want.

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    Thank you for the information - I really appreciate it! Just don't want to do anything stupid, like start a fire of get carbon monoxide poisoning, and will consider adding an intake if needed.

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    How far do those pipes go? It looks like 2" PVC which is possibly too small for that big furnace.

    Is that furnace a 100,000 or a 120,000 btu? Where is the furnace filter?

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    The unit is a York tg9s100c16mp11a. 100000 BTU.

    The filter is on the wall behind the unit. I have a pic attached. It's removeable where the staircase is in the hallway.

    They are 2" PVC pipes. I'm not really sure how far they go, or where they go. It's in the basement of a 4 story building.
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