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    I am in the market for a new central ac unit. I have had three quotes for the install, I've decided to go with a Trane strictly for the financing aspect. My question is I am trying to decide which unit, right now the first offer is for the Trane XB14 14 SEER I like everything especially the 10 year compressor, parts and labor, the feature I am not so sold on is the non-variable speed feature. The reason this HVAC installer went with this unit is due to the limited space available in my attic. My first question is how important is the variable speed feature ?
    They quoted me $ with 60 months financing 0% interest.

    My second question is the other companies proposal shows the Trane XR16 16 SEER has a variable speed blower, 2 stage furnace and is shown to be the Premium system with a 12yr compressor, 10 yr parts, 2 year labor. At a price tag of $. they are both doing the same install features so how can the first contractor have a higher price when he is giving me a unit with less SEERS and with no variable speed furnance ? This contractor also offered the Trane XR15 16 SEER also with variable speed furnance at a cost of $.

    Aren't the last two units mentioned better in both aspects, variable speed furnance and SEERS. Oh the financing on the last two is 0% for 36 months. Somehow this all does not make sense to me maybe someone can help me figure this one out.
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