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    Package RTU ... Complaint from customer...

    This is a facilities director at a health care facility we've done a installation on where we had to replace the system there previous system due to the bottom of the unit rusting out from being close to salt and the obvious condensation produced off the suction line coming from the evaporator, the holes in the unit were so large they were allowing water to flow into the building steadily.

    He is trying to state that it's from the way we've installed it due to the conduit having to come through the bottom of the unit however this was the way the existing system was and the only way we could bring the electrical from the panel to a disconnect. His statement is... that the conduit is producing stress on the base of the unit allowing the water to be pitched in that direction and pool however from the photo I cannot see this as likely nor plausible. I would assume it is just condensation from the suction line, I proposed possibly insulating the suction line and maybe using a weather proofing sealant on the base of the equipment at an attempt to satisfy the customer just to keep the account happy. The equipment will not last forever naturally no matter what you do and it is designed to be outside as it does happen to rain quite frequently in Florida and there will be moisture regardless.

    so what Im asking here for is any advice or insight on what I can tell the customer to make him happy, and if you think that his complaint is even remotely plausible ( I haven't been able to look for myself yet and basing it only on the picture ). I've already contacted carrier for advice as well.

    Any replies are much appreciated thanks,
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