Hello experts,

I am a newbe currently getting estimates from HVAC professionals to provide a complete HVAC system for my new house (my friend is the GC and I am helping get quotes). The plans are complete. The house is a two-story (with walk out basement) covering a plan area of about 80x40. House is in mid-Michigan (Brighton) and there will be little to no shade trees around the house. Front of house faces south.

I am unsure as to what HVAC brands are better than others (i.e., are there ones to avoid) and I am looking for advice into what questions I should be asking HVAC professions when I call.

Due to the house size, my intuition is that the HVAC will be a two system arrangement (2 furnaces and AC units).

I was wondering about Coleman furnaces - one individual recommended them.

Just trying to get an idea of options that are out there. I want to do things right the first time.

Suggestions/recommendations are welcome. Also, if additional information is needed please ask.