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    I have an American Standard variable speed gas furnace, with a variable speed draft inducer. (AUY060, also the same as a TUY060). Whenever the inducer is running, there is a lot of radio interference generated. The interference exists before the blower fan turns on and stops immediately at the end of the cycle before the blower fan turns off. When the draft inducer fan speed increases, the interference pitch increases too.

    Someone told me that this is a known problem for Trane/American Standard. Last year, my professional HVAC company obtained a new main board from the distributor and replaced it under warranty. However the noise is unchanged and can even be heard on a radio outside of the house.

    Has anyone heard of this problem or know if it is really fixable? The manufacturer won't say anything and directs all calls to the regional distributor, who is the one who said to replace the main board.


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    Get them to replace the inducer and see if it clears up. That seems to be what is causing it.
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    Try grounding the motor itself to a water pipe,or other known ground.If that doesnt clear it up the faults in the motor,( loose internal connections,pitted commutator,worn brushes.
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    Call the installing company. There is a shielded cable kit available for the inducer. Changing parts other than a waste of time.

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    AM or FM station on the Radio? I don't hear it on mine.

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    It's either Aliens or you need to call a psychiatrist....

    This gotta be the craziest question I have ever heard of....

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    Senior Tech, Thanks for the heads up regarding the shielded cable kit. The HVAC company will be coming out soon to do the annual cleaning and hopefully they can clear up the interference once and for all at that time.

    Do you know of any part numbers or part names that they can get from the distributor before they come out? So far they've found nothing. The furnace is covered under the factory extended warranty so perhaps that will help.

    mayguy- It is mostly on AM and a little on broadcast TV as well. It is very noticeable just driving by outside when the furnace (well the inducer fan) is running.


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    Sparking, which generates random radio frequency waves, at brushes of a commutator motor is not so rare. You don't need a psychiatrist and it's not aliens.
    Clean commutator and make sure brushes don't stick in their holders.
    If the above does not solve problem install bypass capacitors (ceramic disk)as shown in the following diagram. Note that capacitors must be rated for continuous service at line voltage (UL approved) or must be rated at 1.4kv dc.

    Hope the above helps.

    P.S. Commercial A.C. line filters are also available.

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    Originally posted by deme
    Sparking, which generates random radio frequency waves, at brushes of a commutator motor is not so rare.
    Not 100% sure, but I'm betting the variable speed motor (inducer) doesn't have brushes. Not sure exactly what it's called, but things are flipped around from a standard motor.

    P.S. I still think it's aliens too
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