So I replaced 2 32hp scrolls in tandem yesterday. Ran the pumps overnight and charged her up today. Everything looked good. I did notice a slight oil leak at one of the rotolocks on the equalizer line. So I snugged it up and wiped it clean. Went through and checked SC, SH at compressors and at TXV's, amperages, oil levels, and discharge temps. All looked good. Cleaned up and thought...I should check that rotolock. It wasn't leaking, but I noticed the one fitting was warm. Actually the whole bottom of the compressor was warm.

So I'm thinking crankcase heater is running. Nope it's off. I measure 91 degrees at bottom of compressor. I check the other compressor bottom was 61 degrees. So I verify suction and discharge temps to each compressor. Suction temps are within 2 degrees at 59 degrees and discharge temps are with 3 degrees at 170 degrees. Oil level was 3/4 on the equalizer site glass. Again, I check shell temps and the one is alot warmer.

So I ran each compressor individuality and took readings. Readings looked good. The only thing that really changed was oil level in the equalizer sight, but with only one compressor running.....the oil sight on the equalizer doesn't really show true oil level in the running compressor. But the shells were close to suction temp.

With all my readings good, I let her run. I will be going back Saturday to replace cores and do an acid test. But it bothers me why the one compressor's shell is so warm, when both are running. Any one have an answer?