Hi, my name is Danny. We just had a new Coleman/York HVAC unit installed on July 27, 2012 to replace our broken down Trane. Found out about this site from the pro technician "dogheads" who has come out several times to work on our unit since it was installed. Hope to find out what's wrong with our unit; the company who did the installation has three guys up on our roof and two trucks in front of our house as I am typing! (dogheads is not one of them this time.) About every week or so, upon the initial startup of the day, the compressor comes on for a couple of seconds, then shuts off, then comes on, then shuts off, etc, several times within the first minute or two (once it went on and off 8 times in a row within a minute!) Dogheads found a loose spade connector and a black mark from an arc; he tightened the connector only to find, two weeks later, that the connector had come loose again, along with two others. Wish us luck!