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    Pelican Wireless Thermostat

    Anyone have any success installing Pelican wireless thermostat systems. We have only used Lennox i-comfort, Carrier and Honeywell prestige which looks similar. Thanks.

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    Have not but will probably be installing an ECOBEE within the next month.
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    Thread relocated to Tech to Tech

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    Just checked out the Pelican site and I am not very impressed. There are a lot of thermostats out there with the same Internet capabilities but with a more sleek/modern look. The Pelican looks similar to a Honeywell 5000.

    Is there any reason that someone would choose the Pelican over any of the stats you listed above?

    Price maybe? That's all I can think of.

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    I work at Pelican Wireless Systems and would like to help make clear our solutions difference from other wireless technology. The way to think about Pelican's approach is we designed our solution for the commercial customer - large or small. Most other wireless thermostats, such as Honeywell's Prestige or a WiFi stat, are designed for a home or a very very light commercial applications.

    1: Our gateway is the size of a deck of cards and can control up to 2,000 Pelican thermostats.
    2: Every thermostat is an automatic wireless router and repeater - which we call self-healing mesh network technology - this is what allows you to easily use one Pelican gateway for your entire commercial building.
    3: We use our own wireless, a redesigned ZigBee, which has no interference with other wireless frequencies and is very reliable. It also allows us to update all of our customer's thermostats virtually - which we do for free.
    4: The Pelican web-app is designed to provide easy navigation, control, and scheduling for a large number of thermostats.
    5: You can have 16 gateways all come into a single Pelican web-app.
    6: We collect and report historical data in real time. We graph every set-point and every 1/10th of a degree change in temperature for every thermostat. We hold 2 years of historical data on cloud servers. And will send out automatic maintenance alerts via email or text message when an HVAC unit issue occurs.
    7: Pelican provides Usage Graphs, so you know how much you are spending and consuming on your HVAC systems.

    I hope this helps make clear Pelican's difference from other wireless solutions. These are just a few immediate differences I think are important. The list can continue on dramatically and if there are any questions always feel free to ask!

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    Free web-app, or subscription?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrinB View Post
    Free web-app, or subscription?
    It looks all extra features like temperature history is not free. Wireless gateway is also required to connect to the Internet according to the datasheet. The gateway is ZigBee (is this ZigBee IP?) and requires Ethernet connection.

    To OP. You might need ZigBee repeater.

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    @DarrinB - The web-app is free. We hold up to 2 years of historical data for every thermostat at your site. You will get everything with the free subscription (called the basic subscription) that you receive with any WiFi thermostat.

    The standard subscription is provided for added functionality. It only costs $2.99/thermostat/year and we provide the following additions:
    1. You can have an unlimited amount of Admins or Users allowed to access your site. The Users can be limited to what thermostats they can control or see based on how the Admins want to set them up. With the free subscription you have a single username and password.
    2. You will get automatic maintenance alerts via email or text message to an unlimited amount of people. With the free subscription you will receive the alerts on your Pelican Management Site.
    3. You will get Usage information for your entire HVAC system. So you can see your HVAC costs, consumption, and run time for up to 2 years of data per thermostat or per groups of thermostats. It will also show in hourly, daily, or monthly resolutions.

    @pepperidge - The temperature historical data comes with the solution for free. The Usage graphs costs $2.99/thermostat/year.

    The reason we use our own wireless gateway is because it is a much better approach than WiFi for commercial buildings. Our gateway can control up to 2,000 thermostats and everything connects automatically. There is no set up like with a WiFi system. By using our own gateway each thermostat does not need an IP address and we use VERY little Internet bandwidth over our single gateway. In addition you do not run into the issue of re-connectivity every time a customer's Internet connection goes down. With Pelican if the customer's Internet goes down all of their thermostats will run like regular thermostats and will still run their schedules as normal. Once the Internet is back, the gateway will automatically connect all of the thermostats back to the Internet.

    The Pelican gateway is a plug and play device, it does not need a Public IP address, all it needs is out-bound Internet connection. We do not use ZigBee IP, what we do is similar to ZigBee Pro because it allows us to both scale to a very large mesh network and achieve this with low networking overhead.

    Pelican's solution does not require ZigBee repeaters. All you need is a single gateway and Pelican's thermostats through-out the building. Every single Pelican thermostat is a ZigBee repeater. The mesh network will automatically be created between all the thermostats in your building and back to the single Pelican gateway.

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    Is the zigbee radio smartmeter compatible? Will it work with utility signals to reduce peak demand charges and reduce AC when rates are higher? Peak demand charges can be a significant portion of a large commercial customers total bill.

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    @54regcab - Our zigbee is compatible with smartmeters. Although, because we track real time HVAC KWh usage, we can actually reduce peak demand load with out having to connect in with a smartmeter. The electrical load of the HVAC system, in a commercial building, is the only non-static KW load on the meter. So, if the customer wanted, we could inhibit units from running once the HVAC KWh consumption reached a certain level. This would keep them below a certain demand load.

    After saying this, we have talked with many customers and contractors who have asked about reducing peak demand by reducing the HVAC demand. What you must realize is that if demand exceeds the total KW restriction then the only option is to allow temperatures to rise above set points. What this means is we must weight customer satisfaction against savings. Although there is usually a significant amount of savings to gain, we have never had a customer who would agree to implement HVAC demand sheding once we showed them how much the temperature would need to rise during peak periods.

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    Peak demand reduction can be accomplished by overcooling parts the building during the morning then reducing use during the afternoons when peak demand would typically be the highest. If the space is typically kept at 75, the temperature could be reduced to 72 for a few hours prior to the 2pm or so typical high demand period. At that point raise the thermostat to 78 or so. Even though total KWH would be about the same peak demand substantially reduced...

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    @54regcab - Sounds like a very interesting approach for peak kw reduction. As of right now we do not do this, but it would be interesting to do a test on the idea and look at how this would work for customers through-out the nation.

    Pelican's solution is designed to provide the most amount of overall energy reduction while being simple enough for any customer to use and control. The more we add to the management site the more complex it can become. We strive to keep it simple and straight forward, while also providing a ton of flexibility. Our customers are amazed with how much they can do and how intuitive it all is.

    Thanks for the idea! One huge difference between our solution and others on the market is when we design new software all of our customers get updated for free. This is true if it is a thermostat update or a Pelican Site Management update. The more we work with our customers and learn, the more we are able to provide to everyone.

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    FYI - through Pelican's Site Manager you can already do this by scheduling the thermostats; each thermostat can have up to 12 schedules per day and since our scheduling is done at your computer or on a smart phone, it is very simple to set up.

    What can be done is you would schedule your thermostats to pre-cool an area in the morning and then have them set back around 2pm to the 78 degree setting. In the schedule you can lock the thermostat at 2pm so no one can mess with the thermostat's buttons while you are trying to reduce peak demand.

    What is nice about Pelican's solution is that we graph everything. So, you can actually look at the historical information and see if this idea is working for your customer and if the temperatures in the room are staying at a comfortable level. It might take some tweaking, but you will know exactly how your system is running.

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