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    New AC unit Trane vs. Amana pros/cons?


    I need to install a new AC unit in my home... it's approximately 2500 sq ft in Western NY. Last December, my furnace died and I had it replaced with a Trane XV95. Love perfectly. The installing company did a fantastic job.

    I called them first for a quote on a system and I expected to get a Trane hard-sell (I thought they were a Trane-only shop), but I was surprised when they pitched Amana 14 SEER units much harder than the Trane units (which they also sell).

    I have three questions:

    1) Already having the Trane furnace, is there any advantage to installing Trane cooling equipment as well?

    2) What are the pros/cons of Trane vs. Amana? The Amana compressors come with a lifetime warranty (no plans on moving) and the parts/labor warranty appears to be a bit better than Trane.

    3) Are Trane's model numbers equivalent to SEER ratings (i.e. is XR15 = a 15 SEER unit), or do they generally perform at higher levels?

    The bottom line is that an Amana 16 SEER unit would cost me substantially less than a Trane XR15 or similar. About 25% less actually. Does this seem normal? Could I expect the same reliability from both units?

    Any response is welcome. Thanks for your time.


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    As long as the instating contractor does a good job on the installation and the ductwork is sized properly for the size air conditioner the Amana will last just as long as a trane and be just as reliable. XR15 means that line of systems has at least one match that achieves a full 15 SEER, usually the 2.5 or 3 ton size is the one that achieves the SEER rating. The rest of the sizes will be 14-14.9 seer usually.

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