The Democrats have have tried just about everything with the exception of literally throwing crap at a wall to see if it would stick. ( some might have resorted to just that last night )

From the wasted Narrative of Bain Capital to Romneys taxes to the accusations from Joe Soptic that Romney killed his wife.

Nothing has had the impact they hoped for. Its why the President got his you know what handed to him in the debate.

Obama couldnt go to the lies and unfounded accusations of his campsign adds or to the older narrative of how Conservatives want old people and poor people to die and the environment to burn.

So if Obama cant use the lies and cant use any accomplishment to counter good sense because he has no accomplishments then whats he left with ?

What we saw last night and no Gore it had nothing to do with the altitude.

You can expect two more just like this one. Obama might be more animated but he has nothing to stand on and in the end as long as Romney remembers that it will be a 40 point win in November for Obams. (elect. college )