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    Distech - ECC VAV101 and ECC VAVs

    I just added a bunch of the above controllers on a Jace. The Air Balancer notified my the Damper is hunting terribly. I looked into it and this time he was right. This is an add to the base builfing and the older ECC VAV controllers in the building do not act this way.

    I called Distech and they tell me I need a new XIF and App file to download into the controllers.

    Does this sound right, has anyone else had this problem. The controllers are less than a year old.

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    You won't know until you do what they recommend. It's always possible that they had a bug in the original xif or apb. Just wondering why you would ask for advice here without taking the manufacturer's advice first?
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    After further investigation Distech gave us the run around and our ECC VAVs controllers are at the latest version 1.20. Now it seems we need to "tune" the either the PID or the "Damper Response" via the ECC Wizard in AX. Any gotchas or words of wisdom in doing this. Of 120 plus VAVs on this site it is only the ECC VAVs giving us fits.....kind of odd. Thanks in advance for your help.

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