I had a contractor come out today. He spent over 3 hours here and about two of those hours were measuring and calculating my home. He went into the attic and crawlspace, inspected both the inside and outside units and did some tests on each. I was very impressed with not only his knowledge, but also at the end he was not pushing me to buy anything.

I was kind of shocked that when he ran the numbers for my outside unit, it came back as not only a 3 ton unit (I thought it was a 2 ton) but he also informed the unit was built in 1988 (My house was built in 1998) So I guess the builder slapped an old unit in.

The good news is both my attic (30-R) and walls (14-R) insulation was fine.

The interesting news in after all his calculation/measuring he said my current AC unit is too big and I should go down to a 2 ton unit. The current gas furnace is 75,000 btu at 80%. He suggested to downsize that as well to 60,000 btu and of course the more efficient 97%.

I know we can't talk price here, but I think I was given a very good price for a Trane 4ttr5024and a Trane XV95.