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    2-Stage Condensing Unit Questions

    A couple of quick questions on 2-stage AC systems...

    1) I've been looking at Trane's 2.5 ton single-stage units. Trane's two-stage units come in 2-ton and 3 ton, no 2.5 ton. In this case, should I go up or down in size?

    2) When a 2-stage system is running on 1st stage, what percentage of its full capacity is typically being used?



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    1. What is the heat gain for the space? Hopefully someone did one!

    2. Depends upon the match. I've seen them where low was as much as 81% of total capacity. Most with the unloading scroll are in the 75% range.

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    A Trane 3 ton 16i in first stage is between 70 and 80% of full capacity. A Trane 3 ton 20i in first stage is roughly 50% of full capacity.
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