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    can a R-22 TXV fit a R-410A TXV conection

    I am changing airhandler (5 ton 2 stage ECM) the new is a R-410A TXV however only R-22 compatible with orfice this will lower my SEER i have asked local techs and suppliers if the old R-22 TXV can connect to new coil or will i have to cut & braze old TXV coil tubing, no one can answer, i have come to note they are not technical inclined however know how to change out equipment ... can any one state if the connection (pipe nuts) are same size & thread for both R-22 & R-410A TXV's

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    as long as they are the same style valve the thread sizes will be the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    as long as they are the same style valve the thread sizes will be the same.

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    If someone is willing to do the work, and someone else is willing to pay for it, anything is possible. If the connections are different, it SHOULD be possible to cut out the metering device from the old coil and hack it onto the new one, if that is what you want.

    It should also be a possibility to get a brand new R22 txv from the same parts house that is selling the evaporator that the technician will know for sure to be compatible.

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