Hi HVAC-Talk members,

I would like to extensively zone an existing mixed hydronic and gas forced air heating system which is servicing my 1840's historic home and new addition near Grand Rapids, Michigan.* The addition has one zone of low mass floor heat that requires surface temp limiting and stage 2 forced air/ac.* The 1st floor of the older part of the house would become one zone of forced air/ac. (I realize the duct system will probably need to be replaced.)* The 2nd floor is basically unheated/cooled, but the bathroom has hydronic tile flooring.* I expect a future upgrade will bring radiators to each 2nd floor bedroom with some type of mini-split system providing cooling.* What control systems should I be researching? What systems can be installed/supported by local residential contractors? The goal is to have a zoned system that prioritizes radiant heat where available and manages the other systems appropriately.* Ideally there would be individual temps in each zone, but some level of centralized user control --for example, perhaps the downstairs thermostat by the main entry could take control of the system for vacations, schedule changes, etc.* Currently, the hydronics are powered by a hot water tank / taco xpb-1 mixing block combo and distributed through a balanced manifold --the furnace is modulating.* I'm concerned about managing zones that have various combinations of hydronic and forced air heat, two water temperature upgradability, and the occupant user experience with the electronic interfaces.* Total heat load is under 84,000 btu. TekNet, iWorx, some other BACnet or LON based system? I appreciate your input, thank you.