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    Last night I got a call from the housesitter at my daughter's house. No heat. The burners lit and when the blower tried to start, LOUD hum from furnace. Shut it off and called the pros this morning.
    The tech replaced the blower motor and noted on the bill that the motor failed prematurely (3 1/2 yr old house) due to-you guessed it-drywall dust. The company that fixed it is honest and competent, been dealing with them for years.
    Waiting to see if the Rheem distributor will warranty the motor.

    The furnace is a downflow Rheem with an AC coil case under it. I have couple of questions for you pros out there:

    Is the rest of this furnace likely to be ruined? Can it be cleaned up or should it be replaced?

    What damage is likely to be done to the evaporator coil sitting right under it?

    Is it reasonable for my daughter to expect the builder to pay for fixing this mess? Has anyone ever seen a builder actually pay for something like this without being sued?

    I'm guessing the drywall dust got into the system during the time the house was being built. They have not done any remodeling.

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    you are probably already aware that furnaces are not to be used for heat or cool durning construction. The rest of the furnace should not be a problem but the coil may need a good cleaning. Have your guy look at it. He should also dust the board to prevent any failure there. Please dont try to do this yourself, they are sensitive to static in your fingers. No need to replace the furnace though.

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    Why should rheem buy a new motor most of the manufacturers plainly state that the system shouldn't be run during construction. The company that installed it should be responsible or the General Contractor.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'll pass it along to my daughter and her husband when they return from vacation.

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