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    I am in the initial stages of research about water cooled HVAC systems for data centers. We're looking at a 40,000 sq ft data center with power density currently at about 260 watt/sq ft and theoretically reaching 600-1000 watt/sq ft.

    Can someone drop some manufacturer and contractor names as well as references to some case studies?


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    Liebert HVAC equipment.
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    Liebert is the only brand for computer room stuff.

    The others are imitators.

    The only thing I don't care for is their Lee-Temp stuff. Mainly because I don't work in a climate where we need the Lee Temp, and where a P66 setup would be better.
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    Get Liebert or APC. They are the biggest, and each has new innovations and tried-and-true systems.

    The better thing to do might be to get an engineer to do it for you and come up with 3 different layouts for you or the IT client to choose from. Each data center being different, you're staff might want something more accessible/different than what the contractor may want to give you. The engineer will make sure those hot & cold aisles work and will provide designs for the water & air flows as well as ensuring quality products and construction.

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    Liebert is the best.

    They have a new XD line for the kind of loads you are talking about.

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    liebert is king in that market. Since you are already here, why not find a contractor here as well. if you post your location you will get offers.

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    Liebert is the only way to go.

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    Liebert is the best. I have worked on most of the other manufacturers stuff and it just doesn't measure up. They all try to imitate or go beyond but they just don't match the quality. Plus Liebert has better support and tech support. You get what you pay for. And Liebert has case studies on their site. Go ahead and compare but in the end if you don't go with Liebert you'll wish you did. And no matter what manufacturer you go with make sure that your room is laid out properly and properly constructed. Vapor barrier, enough clearance under the raised floor, etc.

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    Originally posted by J3hall
    Liberts over rated

    Guess that's why they have a 6 month lead time??

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    What is the source of the water that you plan to use for the new system, is it already set up for all year use or is the water source drained down in the winter time? are you going to use a elevated floor as a supply plenum? does the cooling need tobe set up as a redundant system , were two systems of equal size are installed and never run at full capacity unless one system is down for service or repairs? Do you need precise humidity control? Is the space tobe used a existing data center with proper construction in the walls and ceiling? Does a place to dispose of condensate water exist in the space? Have you checked out what type of fire protection you need alot of data centers use halon instead of water? Does the AC in the building shut off on weekends and nights. One thing you might consider in a selection of equipment is what brand has local parts distribution and support. Alot of times it not the brand that makes the job go but competent installation and support after the job is completed.

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    Many of Liebert parts are on everyday equipment by many manufacturers so yea, they are overrated.

    What do they make themselves except for those lousy humidifiers -- now at least you can buy Nortec...

    I'll take Riedel over Liebert any day. Walk circles around Liebert. That's why you find them on million dollar pieces of equipment instead of Liebert.

    EDIT --- maybe the guy wants to win a popularity contest. So then Liebert may be for him to pay all that extra money for nothing.

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    I agree Liebert is way overrated from what I have seen. We are finishing up an APC system today with a trane chiller on it will let you know how it works.

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    Daikin is out of Malaysia and is currently involved in the predatory buying of American HVAC businesses (McQuay for one).
    Liebert is out of Ohio and is the king of the business because it gave an eye to quality and dependability when others were going after the fast buck.

    Back in the seventies at the inception of the computer room grade market there were other makers such as Liskey and Edpac that used hermetic compressors and off the shelf components while Leibert used Carlyle semi hermetics (the best in the business)and did not compromise quality.

    As a mission critical HVAC technician working in the field of web hosting, UPS, and colocation data centers, I am aware as you are that one hour of HVAC equipment downtime at these venues can translate into millions of dollars lost.

    With this in mind I think it is indeed a grave mistake to place too much emphasis on first cost by either the contractor or the customer.
    In this end of the business you sell quality over price about one hundred to one. Anything less is a blueprint for disaster.

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